Unvented Hot Water Systems in Hale, Presbury & Altrincham

Vented Cylinders

It is essential for everyone to have a reliable heating system in order to allow all facilities to function smoothly and economically. These days you have the choice between the installation of a vented or unvented water cylinder so which hot water system is best for your property.

Unvented cylinders work directly from the mains supply of water and are essentially a hot water storage cylinder, whereas vented cylinders are connected, via a vent pipe, to the cold water storage tank which is usually located within the loft space of most properties. Unvented cylinders are fed directly from the mains supply of water, the water pressure and flow is much stronger, providing hot water at mains pressure to all outlets within the home. This means you don’t have to rely on a pump to maintain the strength of the flow when using hot water outlets or heating systems and great water pressure is a huge benefit, especially for homes with more than one bathroom.

Choosing a high performance unvented cylinder also eliminates the requirement for a cold water storage tank so valuable space isn’t lost to extra pipe work and fittings. As the unvented cylinder is supplied via the mains you also have the option of placing it anywhere around the home, which is a great architectural benefit for homeowners. Unvented cylinders boast safety features and controls to keep them from malfunctioning such as pressure relief valves and temperature controls. They also benefit from fast reheat times, minimal heat loss from the water stored inside and they are available in modern, innovative designs that are more favourable within the home.

Traditional vented cylinders are popular within many households as they are simple to install and they are very effective in supplying the home with heating and hot water, smoothly and efficiently. Vented combi units are a popular choice and are suitable for homes which do not have a loft space such as bungalows and apartments as the unit comprises of a cold water cistern and a hot water tank in one. This can be a great solution for eliminating pipework to a cold water tank elsewhere in the property. However, non-combination vented cylinders do require a cold water tank, which is usually located within the loft of a property. In both cases the pressure of the water to the cylinder and all outlets relies on gravity, which can create a problem. This is where installing a pump might be considered in order to boost the water pressure throughout the property ensuring powerful showers and fast filling baths. The installation of a pump might be essential, but uses more electricity. In such cases you must consider the pros and cons of the installation to establish what is best for requirements of the household.

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