Thermoskirt Heating Systems in Hale, Altrincham & Presbury

ThermaSkirt replaces skirting boards and radiators in one

True radiant heating solution like under floor heating

Available in a range of alternative profiles, finishes and colours

Works with conventional boilers and renewables such as Heat Pumps

Eligible for Green Deal & RHI Ready

How Does Thermaskirt work?

ThermaSkirt in a nutshell:

ThermaSkirt replaces the skirting boards and heating system in one convenient, cost-effective package

Made from an energy efficient aluminium alloy that emits heat 5 x better than steel

Connects onto existing 2 pipe radiator heating system, with minimal modification

Has the hot water feed and return pipes ‘moulded’ in so the whole front gets warm

The Oval pipes not only make it slim, but improve efficiency & performance

Heats up quickly like a radiator, but feels like under floor heating when on

Works with conventional heat sources such as boilers and renewables such as heat pumps and solar thermal

Has a complete range of solutions for bridging doorways and fireplaces, obstacles and openings, bi-fold doors and staircases

Where can I use Thermoskirt

The answer is practically anywhere. With over 10,000 successful installations, ThermaSkirt has been put to use in not just some of the most common & obvious but also the most remarkable and unusual installations, all over the world.

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