Central Heating in Hale, Presbury & Altrincham

Central heating is an essential way to effieciently heat your home of the winter months and cold nights. With so many different types of central heating systems on the market it can be very hard to make a decision as to which would be the best to install in your home. Investing in the right make and model from the vast range of central heating boilers available is essential.  We can help you make an educated decision on the correct boiler to select for your property, but before you decide ideally need to know what each different type of boiler does.

Simply put, central heating is what is installed in your home to keep it warm from one source; this one source is a boiler. This boiler heats water through various methods and then pumps it to whichever part of the property it is required. Controlling different central heating boilers can also be achieved using different methods such as via thermostatic valves on radiators and electronic programmers.

Central Heating options

We do specialise in Vaillant Central Heating Boilers although other options are available and we would be happy to install a system of your choice.

Vaillant produce three different types of central heating boiler – each suited to different properties and lifestyles:

A Combination (combi) boiler produces not only hot water for central heating but also hot water for taps and showers. A Combination Boiler does not need a hot water cylinder in the property so can you could gain valuable storage space in your home. Combination central heating boilers also give you hot water ‘on demand’ so there is never any need to wait for a tank to fill and then get warm.

System boilers utilise a hot water tank that is usually in an airing cupboard. System boilers are ideal for use in homes with more than one bathroom as this boiler can deliver hot water to several different outlets at the same time.

Vaillant also produce an Open Vent boiler. These boilers use two tanks, usually installed in a loft space, and a hot water storage cylinder. One of the tanks supplies water to the radiators. The other releases hot water to the storage cylinder which in turn feeds taps and showers all over the property. This type of boiler will be the existing system fitted in many older homes and is very space-hungry so only suited to certain type of property.

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