Why regular boiler servicing is important

Why regular boiler servicing is important

Hollingworth Heating ltd- covering Hale and surrounding areas- urge our customers to appreciate the importance of gas servicing. Gas appliances are an essential component of most homes, but when faulty they can pose great danger!

Gas boilers are no exception. Everybody needs a reliable and dependable boiler to provide heating and hot water. When they start breaking, they can become dangerous and will likely cause great inconvenience. Regular boiler servicing is vital in reducing the chances of this happening.

Having a regular boiler service is really important! To find out just how important, please continue reading.

Keeping you safe

Household Safety:

Perhaps the most important reason to get your boiler annually serviced, is to guarantee your safety. Faulty boilers can be exceptionally dangerous, perhaps even fatal.  According to government statistics, around 4,000 people in the UK go to A&E every year, because of carbon monoxide poisoning, caused by leaking boilers. Around 200 people are hospitalised, and on average 50 adults and children lose their lives.

If your boiler is installed incorrectly, not maintained properly or not serviced regularly, it could produce this dangerous carbon monoxide gas. It’s therefore important to know the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning. These typically involve: headaches, nausea, dizziness and loss of consciousness. However, they are easily confused with other common illness, as there is a lot of symptom overlap. This can make poisoning especially hard to detect. If you experience any of these symptoms, especially if they lessen when you leave the house, you should seek medical assistance. After all it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Carbon monoxide has no smell, taste or sight. Therefore we strongly encourage you to have a detector installed. These are cheap to purchase online or from most homeware stores. For help with installation, click here.

A regular boiler service will help ensure your safety remains uncompromised. It can also give you reassurances over breakdowns. Regular servicing should allow for gas leaks, or any other boiler issues, to be detected and fixed in their early stages.

Financial safety

Ensuring validity: 

The majority of boiler warranties, and some insurance policies entail that you make sure your boiler is safe to use. One of the best ways to fulfil this requirement is to have an annual boiler service. You should always check your insurance provider’s requirements to be sure you do not compromise them. If you don’t have a service and violate these insurances, then your future boiler repairs will likely be a lot more stressful and expensive!

Having an annual boiler service should help you save money. Along with keeping your warranties valid, it should reduce the amount of boiler repairs you need. If you do experience any problems, they should be minor issues which are easily fixed. They should therefore not cause you much stress or money.

Annual boiler servicing should also reduce, and help keep your energy bills low. Your engineer will ensure your boiler is running to its maximum efficiency, instead of wasting energy. As well as making savings on your bills, you will also cut your carbon footprint. So, annual servicing can benefit the environment, as well as you!

Do you need any gas appliances servicing in Hale? 

Gas servicing is just part of what we can offer to those living in Hale, or its surrounding areas. For a more detailed list of our services please click here.

And, if you would like more information on gas safety, or boiler services, please do not hesitate to contact us. Making our customers feel safe in their home is a real priority to us!