What to do during a water emergency

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When your pipes start having problems, and you become faced with a water emergency, you can feel overwhelmed. But don’t panic! We are here to tell you what to do…

Pipe problems

Burst or leaking pipes

If your pipes burst, you should try reduce any potential damage by doing the following:

Turn off the water supply:

Turn the main stop tap off. This might be the external tap found at your property boundary, or it could be the internal stop tap. The internal stop tap ought to be in the cupboard under the sink in the kitchen, or where the service pipe enters your home.

Drain your cold water system, by turning all your cold taps on:

Make sure you pay attention to your ceiling. If water has been leaking for some time, then there could be some damaged plaster. This could end up falling through. So, if you notice your ceiling is starting to bulge, make a hole to release the water.

Turn your water heating systems off:

You should switch off the central heating and any other water heating systems. Once this is shut down, turn the hot taps on to help drain the system.

Turn off the electrics:

Do not touch any wet electrical items including lights, sockets and appliances. The electricity supply should get switched off immediately. Then you should consider contacting an electrician.

Hire professional assistance:

Contact plumbing and heating professionals to help fix the problems and repair any damage.

Frozen pipes

Make sure you are gentle with frozen pipes! When water freezes it expands. This can lead to pipes bursting, especially if they aren’t protected.

If you think a frozen pipe is causing no water, check the pipe to see if there are signs of damage. If you discover anything unusual contact a plumber.

Turn off the water supply:

Like a burst pipes you should turn off your water supply using the stop tap. A frozen pipe will prevent you from being able to drain your cold water system. However, if you have a cold water tank, you can turn off the stopcock in that.

Prepare and Protect:

Whilst the pipe is frozen you have time to prepare yourself in case the pipe leaks. Make sure you protect your things from getting water damaged, taking extra precautions with any electrical appliances, which could be at risk.

Thaw the pipe out:

Open the tap which is nearest to the part of the pipe, that you think is frozen. This will allow the water to flow out, when the ice has melted. Use a hot water bottle, or hair dryer to thaw the pipe. However, make sure you keep the dryer far away from any water. Begin from the tap end and then work back towards the cold water tank. Never ever use a blow torch or heat gun!

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